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Willkommen auf dem Familienportal von Sodexo Luxemburg

für die Schulspeisung in der Europäischen Schule Kirchberg

Gesundheit und Wohlergehen Ihrer Kinder:
die Sodexo-Verpflichtungen für das 1. Quartal 2019-2020


The week of taste - citrus fruit!

During the week to celebrate the sense of taste, Sodexo held an activity called "Discover Citrus Fruit" for children at the European School. Pupils from the secondary and primary schools had the opportunity to sample three smoothie recipes rich in antioxidants and vitamin C:

the first smoothie was made with grapefruit juice, the second with orange juice, lemon zest and lemon and the third with orange juice and grapefruit.

To pique their curiosity, the children were also able to attend an educational experience supervised by a Sodexo dietician. The objective was to drop one whole lemon and one lemon without its rind into a glass of water to demonstrate that the lemon without its rind sinks to the bottom of the glass and the whole lemon stays afloat – Archimedes' famous law of buoyancy! A playful and vitamin-rich break for the children at the European School!