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dedicated to catering at the Kirchberg European School

News of the 1st term 2019-2020


Guten Appetit!

With Oktoberfest taking place this month, Germany is the next stop on our culinary journey across Europe.

To mark this occasion, European School children will get to savour a dish that is both traditional and rich in flavour!

German gastronomy is recognised for its diversity as well as its local culinary delicacies. Thus, each region has its own specialities that have led to some regional dishes becoming iconic at national level. These include Currywurst, Bavarian roast pork served with potato dumplings and cabbage salad or the famous dessert inspired by an iconic German landscape: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black Forest gateau in English.
To satisfy your children’s the taste buds, our kitchen staff have opted for a menu consisting of a potato salad with eggs and a red cabbage beef goulash with Spaëtzles and rice pudding.

A meal brimming with flavour, which we encourage you to try at home!